Hugh Williams

Managing Director
Hughenden Consulting

Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams
Managing Director, Hughenden Consulting

Hugh has been consulting in the Supply Chain sector for more than 25 years and delivered millions of pounds of business improvement to clients all over the world.  Hugh’s consultancy career began in 1983 when he joined Creative Output to work alongside Dr Eli Goldratt, manufacturing guru who wrote “The Goal,” and conceived the Theory of Constraints” (TOC), both of which the supply chain planning community have embraced as seminal bodies of work.  This experience inspired and shaped Hugh’s successful consulting career and his business venture, Hughenden Consulting, which he launched in 2001.

In addition to directing and managing Hughenden Consulting, Hugh lends his considerable consulting expertise to a range of services including creating dialogue, understanding and buy-in between project sponsors and senior management colleagues.  Hugh also mentors executives on how their companies can manage and even profit from organisational complexity through best practices in supply chain planning.

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