Founded in 1985, DynaSys, a division of QAD, is one of the leading European providers of collaborative Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions. DynaSys provides expert business decision-making software to market leaders of all sizes, including forecasting, planning, optimizing and performance analysis.

DynaSys has over 29 years of proven experience and unique knowledge in forecasting, planning and optimizing the overall supply chain. The collaborative and integrated DynaSys DSCP solutions address the following processes:

• Sales Forecasting (Demand Planning)
• Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
• Distribution Resource Planning (DRP)
• Network & Inventory Optimization
• Production Planning
• Procurement Planning and Optimization

To support customers in improving their productivity and profitability, DynaSys constantly enhances its solutions to accelerate both implementation time and return on investment.

To respond to market complexity and to ensure customers benefit from technological innovations, DynaSys invests heavily in research and development to develop decision-support systems that are highly customizable, powerful, functional and ergonomic. DynaSys “Single Click Collaborative®” technology offers customers the flexibility they need for rapid, shared decision-making processes.