ActiveViam provides instant access to all your data and updates continuously. Whether it’s the cash-to-cash cycle, the make-to-deliver cycle, on-shelf availability, asset utilization or end-to-end visibility, we can assist you in managing these processes more efficiently. Customizable views (maps, diagrams, charts…) help you make sense of the information so you can plan and manage your supply chain more efficiently.

Make better decisions, faster

Manage disruptive events faster, lower your costs and improve customer fulfilment rates. Exception management tools bring the problems that impact your KPIs to your attention in real time while the simulation engine calculate the impact of possible responses all across the supply chain to let you find the best course of action. Adapt on-the-fly, get the most value out of your transports and avoid fulfillment penalties. 

A platform tailored to your specific needs

As each business is fundamentally unique, we create a solution tailored to your needs. Our supply chain experts will work with you to design a platform that fits your business in all its most unique aspects. As your processes may evolve over time, the ActiveViam platform is agile and will be swiftly adapted to continue delivering the best performance.