Import Services

Import Services has been in business for over 30 years, during which time we have developed a port-centric warehousing and distribution business in Southampton, importing products and supplying major, multiple and Independent retailers across the UK and Continental Europe.

The Import Services port-centric model is optimum for the new world of retail logistics.

Customers, irrespective of size and scale, are all ordering little and often. This means risk and cost of supply is increasing. Therefore supply chains need to be flexible and capable of managing multiple routes to market, efficiently.

Port-centric retail logistics with Import Services is the answer.

Moving product from the container ship to our distribution centres swiftly, is the first step. While other 3PL’s are trying to collect a container and truck this miles inland, we have already received products and started processing them to meet back orders and retailers’ launch dates.

In fact the benefits of using Import Services also comprise of the following:

  • Port-centric and market-centric retail logistics
  • Web-enabled IT to track PO’s, inbound shipping, orders, stock, delivery + PODs 24/7
  • 3PL & Cross Docking
  • Bonded Warehousing for UK / Continental European distribution
  • Quality control services
  • Eco-friendly Supply Chain
  • Custom Freight Simplified Process
  • Pay as you go transactional pricing

It is from these core services that we have evolved and developed our logistics offering throughout the years.