Founded in 1994, FuturMaster is a software company specialising in Supply Chain Management. Its solutions accompany and support organisations in the performance and optimisation of their global supply chain network. FuturMaster’s consultants are industry experts specialising in sales forecasting, demand planning, distribution, production, procurement and scheduling, as well as global supply chain optimisation. Publisher, distributor and integrator, FuturMaster’s know-how and expertise extends worldwide with the solution already implemented in over 65 countries. FuturMaster’s offices are based in France, the United Kingdom, China, Singapore and Brazil.


Import Services has been in business for over 30 years, during which time we have developed a port-centric warehousing and distribution business in Southampton, importing products and supplying major, multiple and Independent retailers across the UK and Continental Europe.

The Import Services port-centric model is optimum for the new world of retail logistics.

Customers, irrespective of size and scale, are all ordering little and often. This means risk and cost of supply is increasing. Therefore supply chains need to be flexible and capable of managing multiple routes to market, efficiently.

Port-centric retail logistics with Import Services is the answer.

Moving product from the container ship to our distribution centres swiftly, is the first step. While other 3PL’s are trying to collect a container and truck this miles inland, we have already received products and started processing them to meet back orders and retailers’ launch dates.

In fact the benefits of using Import Services also comprise of the following:

  • Port-centric and market-centric retail logistics
  • Web-enabled IT to track PO’s, inbound shipping, orders, stock, delivery + PODs 24/7
  • 3PL & Cross Docking
  • Bonded Warehousing for UK / Continental European distribution
  • Quality control services
  • Eco-friendly Supply Chain
  • Custom Freight Simplified Process
  • Pay as you go transactional pricing

It is from these core services that we have evolved and developed our logistics offering throughout the years.

Progressive Recruitment

A leading international staffing and recruitment consultancy that provides specialised contract and permanent recruitment services within the STEM sectors. The Retail and Logistics practice is our most exciting area of expertise and growth, where we focus on the provision of WMS professionals, from a technical and operational perspective.

We support some of the largest retailers in the world with a flexible, cost-effective approach that provides quality contractors and candidates at the right time to deliver complex projects across all sectors of the industry including IT, Systems and Operations.

With over 25 years in the recruitment business and specialising in the key areas of IT and Engineering, Progressive have the experience and market knowledge to ensure you exceptional results, every time. 

Our expert team can help you create the perfect workforce solutions for your business and with our database of experienced candidates, we can quickly meet your staffing requirements. We’ll work with you to understand your immediate needs as well as your wider objectives and culture, so we deliver only the best candidates to help you grow your business.

To know more, email our WMS specialist Faith Doherty at or visit us at

Unipart Logistics is part of the Unipart Group, a diverse Group of companies providing logistics, manufacturing and consultancy services across multiple sectors including; Automotive, Consumer, Defence, Health,  Mobile,  Rail, Technology and Utilities.

Unipart Logistics is a leading provider of logistics and supply chain services including, end-to-end supply chain management, global logistics, warehousing and omni-channel fulfilment, fleet and engineer support services, call centres and reverse logistics including disposition; repair and recycling.

Thinking differently, we encourage a culture of innovation at all levels of our organisation.  Unipart Logistics is a trusted and valued partner for leading brands including Kimberly-Clark, HSS, JLR, Sainsbury’s, Sky, Waterstones and Vodafone.


Lucas provides solutions for intelligent Mobile Work Execution that transform picking and other warehouse processes without changing WMS or host systems. The solutions include Dynamic Work Optimisation tools that reduce travel and maximise efficiency in hands-on tasks, management dashboards that improve operational visibility and flexibility for managers, and mobile, voice-directed applications running on ruggedized smartphones that make work easier and better for workers. Tens of thousands of employees at companies like Cardinal Health, Mondelez, Kennametal, Rust-Oleum, and Office Depot/OfficeMax use Lucas software every day, improving productivity an average of 36 percent while cutting errors by more than half.


Honeywell Vocollect Solutions

Honeywell Vocollect Solutions is a leading provider of innovative voice-enabled workflow and data collection solutions that help companies with mobile workers run a better business. Our Vocollect™ voice solutions save companies more than $20 billion annually by optimising operations, improving business decision capabilities, and delivering the industry’s premier worker experience.  Together with a global team of 2000+ Vocollect Certified Professionals we enable almost one million workers worldwide every day.

Vocollect voice solutions help businesses increase worker productivity up to 35%, while reducing errors up to 25%, and training time up to 50%. They are specifically designed to leverage existing ERP & WMS technology investments with the industry’s broadest and deepest data integration solution portfolio. Vocollect voice is based on the industry’s top-performing voice recogniser, purpose-built for challenging industrial environments. Our elegantly integrated hardware solution, from the headset to host data system, provides maximum worker confidence and ergonomics. Honeywell is proud to lead the industry forward with our market-leading Vocollect A700 Solution that combines voice and scanning. Vocollect voice is offered by Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS).

Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS) provides products, software and connected solutions that improve productivity, workplace safety and asset performance for our customers across the globe. We deliver on this promise through industry-leading mobile devices, software, cloud technology and automation solutions, the broadest range of personal protective equipment and gas detection technology, and custom-engineered sensors, switches and controls. We also manufacture and sell a broad portfolio of footwear for work, play and outdoor activities, including XtraTufTM and Muck BootTM brand footwear.


To find out more about Vocollect voice solutions and how they can help you run a better business, see